Terms Of Service

1. General Conduct

1. Players must refrain from language that is deemed to be racist, nationalistic, ethnic, religious and sexist attacks.This game is a community for everyone from any background.
2. Character names and guild names must not violate the general conduct. Players must ensure they do not contain words that can be seen as insulting, disrespectful and or distasteful to the community. The rules of conduct in game and in the community forums, chat and other media.
3. Hacking and cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. This will result in an immediate suspension.

2. Access to the game server and in game behaviour

1. Players must not log in more than one account at a time.
2. The usage of cheats, hacks, or other third party tools is forbidden. This includes radar tools, speed hacks; fly hacks, (non-approved)macro tools, auto clickers, level bots and sniffer tools.
3. Abuse of bugs, exploits and obvious game errors is forbidden. If you are not sure whether something is a bug or an error then please ask the Apocalypse staff for help and clarification. Bugs should be reported to help all members of the community.
4. Advertising of anything that is not directly related to Apocalypse is strictly prohibited.
5. Any violations to rules 1.1 - 2.6 will result in account suspension.
6. Rule violations will always affect the used account and all associated (master-)accounts.

3. Support

1. Support is provided on a best-effort basis. We are trying our best to help everyone, but we are also volunteers and cannot guarantee a high availability at anytime.
2. Players are playing on Apocalypse at their own risk. We are not liable for any damages caused either directly or indirectly by playing on Apocalypse.
3. There is no legal claim on the restoration of lost characters, items and other data. Deliberately and accidentally deleted characters may not be able to be restored. There is no claim on an account recovery if the account was stolen because of insecure account names and or passwords.
4. If a guild's leader has been absent for more than three months we will grant leader status to the next highest active guild member. If there is a dispute amongst guild members of equal rank who are both active, the guild should contact support only after resolving which player will receive the promotion.
5. Staff withholds the right to change the names of any characters or guilds that are in direct violation of the general conduct.

4. Logging and Privacy

1. All logins, account names and used IP addresses are logged and stored in our database. By using our services, you agree to this.
2. We take your privacy seriously! We will never forward your personal data to any third party. All personal data (IP addresses, email addresses and login times etc.) will be kept with strict confidentiality. We will only use this information in the event of rule violations or support issues.
3. To remain neutral in all matters and prevent bias, the identities of staff members shall remain secret. Staff will not disclose any information that reveals their identities to any players. Players have to keep identities of members of staff secret, should they ever find out about staff characters or real life information. Violations will result in account suspension or termination.