Welcome to Apocalypse!


Welcome to the world of Warhammer Gitface - we're glad you joined us!

To experience the best game feeling and get you ready for WAR ASAP, we decided to make your life easier and changed certain things from the live version of the game.

Within your inventory (B key) you will find the following items :

Book of BindingPorts you to a Rally master you have chosen
Level 1 MountThe Level 1 Mount will help you to move faster from A to B and grants a movement speed of 25%. Until you made your first 10 gold, this one should always be used to move around the ingame areas.
The Winds Of MagicThe Winds Of Magic is a potion that boosts you straight to the max. level (40). By using it you will be granted access to all core abilities, tactics and morales along with 25 Mastery Points.
Potion of FameThe Potion of Fame will increase your renown gain by 25% for the next 168 hours (7 days).
20 silver coinsThe 20 Silver have one simple purpose: They should be spent to get your level 40 starter gear, which i'll describe below in the Starter Gear section.

Starter Gear

To get you started right, we've changed the prices and requirements of the green Vanguard items. Each item is available for the cost of one copper and has no renown requirement. They can be bought in the Undercroft of the Inevitable City respective the War Quarter in Altdorf at the Elite Renown Gear Merchants and provide solid defense/offence for fresh forties.

Mastery Trees

Each class has access to three mastery trees. Those trees grants you to possibility to get new tactics, abilities and morales by spending your Mastery Points into them. The associated trainer can be found within the Monolith of the Inevitable City or War Quarter of Altdorf.

If you are not sure how you should spend them, you are welcome to ask in the /advice chat, use our forums or join our discord: https://discord.gg/2VgjXB

A overview of all classes mastery trees can be found here: http://www.waronlinebuilder.org

Renown Ranks

Once you setup your Starter Gear and Mastery Specialization, you are able to grind the purple renown numbers, that we all love. To do so you can either queue for scenario by clicking on the Warhammer Logo right next to your minimap or go to the open RvR zone - use your minimap or the addon "State of the Realm" to keep track of which zone is currently activated.

However, once you helped killing (or killed) your first enemy, you will notice that a certain amount of renown points have been added to your character. These points will help you with raising your renown rank up to a maximum level of 80.

The renown points (1 per level) can be spent at the renown trainer, right next to the mastery trainer in your capital. They can be used to get helpful abilities or simply more stats.

A total overview of available renown abilities can be found here: http://waronlinebuilder.org/#renown

Gear Progression

With the start of your PvP career, you might have noticed already, that the participation in scenarios, open world RvR as well as player kills grant you War Crests. These Crests can be spent on new gear in your capital.

The first set you usually want to buy is Annihilator which is available for a price of only 65 crests. The renown requirement is a minimum of 25 for the first piece and 29 for the last piece.

After that you can start saving up crests for either Sentinel, Conqueror or Invader. While Sentinel has no renown rank requirements the other two are locked for renown rank 30-35 for conqueror and 40-45 for invader.

PvE Sets

With the participation in T4 Public Quests you will have the chance to loot a gold bag which includes one part of Ruin Set. This set is armor wise slightly worse than sentinel but super easy to obtain. If you won't win a gold bag, don't worry. All bags (green, blue, purple) incl. a varity of crests, that can be spent to buy the set in your capital if you are unlucky with RNG.


The first step we recommend doing, is getting the epic quest weapons. Each epic weapon does not only grant you a unique skin but also a decent starter weapon with different procs and stats. There are 9 weapons in total for each class of which you can choose three. None of them has a renown rank requirement.

In a later state you will find a video here which shows you where those quests are located. Right now you are welcome to ask our ingame community in /advice or discord or simply contact one of our GM's.

After you have them or if you are too lazy to PvE, you can just buy new weapons from the Quartermasters in your capital city. Remember those have renown rank requirements though! Considering the stats of the epic quest weapons, you would need at least renown rank 39 to get a better weapon from these vendors. So you might want to snatch up and do 30 minutes of PvE and spend your crests on armor sets.

The third option you currently have to get the best in slot weapon for many chars at this point is participating in oRvR in the Greenskin vs Dwarf and Highelf vs Darkelf pairings. The third and last influence rewards of these zones are usually weapons with decent procs and a high amount of weapon dps.

Now enjoy your time here and explore the world yourself. See you on the battlefield,