Our Manifesto

Welcome to the Apocalypse Community! Apocalypse is a Warhammer Age of Reckoning EMU project. Apocalypse is led by community veterans that are truly passionate about Warhammer Online, and its players. Our goal in Alpha is to restore the original essence and soul of the game by foundationally reaching 1.4.8 which was the final patch of the game. The next stage of the project is our Beta launch. What comes in the Beta? We will be progressing the game beyond 1.4.8, taking it to new levels, and allowing the game to truly grow.

We are a team of individuals who are passionate about Warhammer, which captured our hearts and minds many years ago because of the lore and competitive atmosphere.

Our joint mission is to provide a community-based game developed for the community, by the community. We encourage discourse and discussion because we value all different ideas, opinions and perspectives in hopes of making something we love even better than we could have envisioned alone. The core values we will be making a priority to achieve that goal are as follows:

  • Leadership - We recognize that a large part of leading this game includes the strength to be fair in our decision-making, and the impact that has on the game overall and ultimately your gaming experience.
  • Balance - Our team is attacking this concept with math informing our decisions - not just what feels right. Our goal is to provide updates and embrace changes that not only benefit warbands, but equally the small man groups.
  • Incentive - A big part of MMORPGs is the incentive. We want you to take pride in your guild and strive to become the best. Individuals and guilds achieving top-status will be made well-known; these are the people who should be feared and revered for their dedication to our game.
  • Fun - Though the game is fun in it’s own right, forums add another dimension to it. We hold the core belief that open discussion fosters a competitive spirit, camaraderie and provides a place to learn from one another.
The most important part of this endeavor is to ensure our fellow gamers enjoy themselves. Our hope is that we create a well-functioning, long-lasting, memory-making experience for our community for years to come.