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War Apocalypse Latest patch notes


For the next 7 days starting today, all new characters will receive double renown for 7 days including Insta level 40! That's 2x RR for all new players and characters to the game! Consider it our starter pack for those of you that are looking to join us!!!!!!!!   This event will run for the next 7 days!  Both items will be added to characters automatically upon creation! For any characters created in the last few days, if you are RR 20 or below send a message to a GM and we will add it to you!    The Double RR server wide has ended. 

Badad Black can now be used at the dye vendor. 

 New scen rotation : Caledor Woods, Gates of Ekrund, Reikland Factory, Phoenix Gates  

-Adjusted WH/WE self punt values to be same as live. Should notice more air time when punting from high places.

 -Fixed sentinel belt not binding to player on purchase 

-Fixed incorrect stat on Zealot Conqueror set 

-Scenario quests can now be turned in to the same NPC you picked up the quest from 

-New Item Added: Respec Token ; Can be purchased for 15 War Crests from the currency conversion vendors in IC and Altdorf(Shiny Gobbo/Baron Bernhardt). When resetting mastery points as normal, if you have one of these in your inventory it will be consumed instead of paying the gold cost. 


 - Fixed bug with Ballistic Skill seeds creating the wrong result 

- Eligibilty patch has returned. 


 - Added very very simple eligibility check for RVR rewards. (Hint make a kill, be part of a group that kills, cap a BO) -

 Eligibility leads to rewards

 - SC changes (Nordenwatch, EC, BFP, CW) 

- SC gains you 6 crests, loss 4 

- Keeps should now get a defence tick in a more stable manner

 - Return leading shots to 15 


 -Enervating gear will now drop from players and mobs above level 37

 -Stone Trolls in Black Crag now returned to 40-41  

-RoR sets removed from loot tables

 -Blue and Purple drops increased in PvE and PvP 


  -Corrected set bonuses on Annihilator  -Swapped Conqueror 6 piece bonus with 5 piece bonus  

-Added some more procs and reverted stats on more influence weapons for BG, IB, CH, KoTBs, AM, Shaman, RP, WP, DoK, ZE, SH, SW, Magus  

-Fixed incorrect stats on CH and IB Invader chests  

-AP Regen reduced by 20%  -Corrected issue where M2 Unshakeable Focus was not doubling damage for Engineers 


 -Devastator renown requirement decreased 

-Armor pots will now stack correctly with absorb pots(and vice versa) 

-iLevel added to warrior priest epic quest books(talismans can now be slotted) 

-Annihilator crit set bonus swapped from 5 piece to 4 piece 


 - Removed 4k damage cap - Reworked AAO 

- Messengers will report to you about enemy numbers in the campaign 

- Keep doors have been made slightly stronger 


 -AAO changes (mainly fixes) 

-Changed the structure of avoidance and defence to be more in line with AoR 

-Removed class requirement of dropped accessories(enervating, precursor, harrier, devouring, undoing, presage, harbinger) 

-Knight/Chosen superpunt tactic will now correctly reduce cooldown to 10s, regardless of using great weapon -RR45 weapons are now purchaseable -Statfix on Invader Throatlatch for WE -Marauder, Slayer, Choppa now have correct proc on Bloodfist weapons -Knight/Chosen Bloodfist weapons statfix + proc added 


 - Fixed some issues with AAO calculation 

- New RR level cap of 55 - Invader gear released, purchasable with crests (drops from zone locks coming) 

- Fabricated mats no longer BOP

 - Proc added to WE Inf weaps 

- Changed SC weap crit 

- Sorc/BW Bloodfist staff stat and proc change 

- 2H Melee inf weaps new proc 


 - Fix for BOs not appearing / not locking 

-  DoK/WP Detaunt will work without dual wield/2H 

-  DoK/WP Groupcleanse will now cleanse caster as well when cleansing groupmmates 

- DoK Groupcleanse fixed - 9s DOK/WP HOT

 - Removed college owl from Bright Wizard College 

- Removed rewards from players of Bright Wizard College quest (unbalanced as Dest has no mirror of this and it was a non AoR quest)

 - Lowered cost of Officer Pots 

- WE Conq stat change 

- Increase drop rate for Spider Sacs 

 - BW Fueled from within works on group 

- Sorcerer/Bright Wizard +75% chance to proc tactic now works on groupmates 

- Changed talisman restrictions (uses item level instead of character level) 

War Apocalypse Announcement 06/09/2018


 As I am sure all of you are aware since we have been keeping everyone up to date on Discord.
The official T4 release date and time is July 20, 2018 @  7 AM EDT(US), 1 PM CEST(Norway), 3 PM MSK (Russia),  9 PM AEST(Australia).  
What is included in this soft launch portion of Phase 2:

  • T4 RVR campaign
  • Lvl 40 Scroll <lvl 1 use>
  • Annihilator Armor sets
  • Conqueror Armor sets
  • Sentinel Armor sets
  • Unified Currency
  • Tier 4 Scenarios  What's coming as the second part of Phase 2:
  • New launcher
  • New website with integrated Forums
  • API to deliver population information, Gear sets(Maybe?), and much more
  • Invader Armor Sets
  • Dark Promise Armor Sets
  • Warlord Armor Sets

Once again thank you all for your support, and happy hunting!  - The Apoc Team 

Current News

Server is Online

Recently migrated to new hardware. The server is online and operational. We are actively looking to make enhancements as this project matures.

What's available

T4 campaign and Scenarios are hopping!

Looking to the Future

With development and bug fixes underway. We are looking to bring back the original AOR sets in the near future. As always community feedback on any bugs you find will help us refine and deliver the upcoming tiers to you much  quicker.