Actively recruiting Developers!

T4 is officially Launched! Come join the WAR!

Bringing back the game we love, for the community, and by the community.

War Apocalypse Announcement 06/09/2018

T4 Launch Schedule

As I am sure all of you are aware since we have been keeping everyone up to date on Discord.

 The official T4 release date and time is July 20, 2018 @  7 AM EDT(US), 1 PM CEST(Norway), 3 PM MSK (Russia),  9 PM AEST(Australia).

What is included in this soft launch portion of Phase 2:

  • T4 RVR campaign
  • Lvl 40 Scroll <lvl 1 use>
  • Annihilator Armor sets
  • Conqueror Armor sets
  • Sentinel Armor sets
  • Unified Currency
  • Tier 4 Scenarios

    What's coming as the second part of Phase 2:
  • New launcher
  • New website with integrated Forums
  • API to deliver population information, Gear sets(Maybe?), and much more
  • Invader Armor Sets
  • Dark Promise Armor Sets
  • Warlord Armor Sets

Once again thank you all for your support, and happy hunting!

- The Apoc Team

War Apocalypse Announcement 06/09/2018


Hello War Apocalypse community!

Over the last several weeks we have been excited to finally open us access to our ongoing community project. We’ve come a long way since we started this project long ago and made considerable progress since the opening of our server with all your help!

What to expect in Phase 1: Current active phase

· Current Max level set to 32

· Current Max Renown set to 32

· Enhanced renown and exp gain

· T1 ORVR and SCs

· Havoc gear is available in T1 PQs

What to expect in Phase 2:

· Version 2 of the website (This includes API integration to the app)

· Password changes will be done in launcher similar to account creation process

· We are bringing you T4

· Implementing our new RVR system (More details to come)

· We are not opening up T2 and T3 ORVR

· LVL 40 scrolls (lvl 15 requirement for use)

· Annihilator gear from keeps

· Annihilator tier equivalent SC items

· T4 Scenarios will be open

· Unified tier-based currency (no longer separate currency for SCS and ORVR)

· T4 core dungeons are open but need to be refined (Loot Tables, etc)

Phase 3,4,5 and on:

· Focusing on additional class balance

· LOTD open

· Conqueror armor sets

· Invader armor sets

· Warlord armor sets

· Sovereign armor sets

· Respective tier-based accessories

· Respective tier-based SC weapons and gear

· Refining our new RVR system

· Fortresses and don't forget City Sieges!!

Current News

Server is Online

Recently migrated to new hardware. The server is online and operational. We are actively looking to make enhancements as this project matures.

What's available

T4 is now open along with T1! 

Looking to the Future

With development and bug fixes underway. We are looking to bring back the original AOR sets in the near future. As always community feedback on any bugs you find will help us refine and deliver the upcoming tiers to you much  quicker.